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Screen View feature by ControTask offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring employee screens, ensuring efficiency and focus at work.

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Success Story

Enhancing Productivity in a Growing Software Development Company

A software development company faced challenges in managing its remote workforce and maintaining high productivity levels. The introduction of ControTask's Screen View feature marked a turning point.

With Screen View, they gained valuable insights into team work patterns, leading to more effective resource allocation and support. Within a few months, they observed a significant productivity increase, with more efficient work schedules and improved team collaboration.

The company praised Screen View for its detailed reports, customizable features, and the transparent monitoring process, which contributed to a more trusting and efficient work environment, enhancing both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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+ Q1. How does Screen View Feature ensure the privacy and security of collected data?

The Screen View feature by ControTask ensures the privacy and security of collected data through two key measures:

Encryption: We use industry-standard encryption protocols to protect all data, including screenshots and activity logs. This encryption is applied both during data transit and when the data is stored, safeguarding it against unauthorized access.

Access Control: Strict access controls are in place within our system. Only authorized personnel with specific clearance can access the data. Employers set permissions to control who in their organization can view the screen data, ensuring confidentiality and limiting access to only those who need it.

These measures are part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.

+ Q2. Is it easy to configure Screen View on multiple devices?

Yes, configuring Screen View on multiple devices is both simple and user-friendly, thanks to these key features:

Simple Installation: Our software is designed for easy installation. With just a few clicks, you can install the ControTask agent on any device. The process is intuitive and guides you through each step.

Step-by-Step Guidance: We provide comprehensive guides and customer support to assist you with the setup process. Whether you’re setting up a single device or multiple devices, our team is available to ensure a smooth and efficient setup experience.

These features ensure that the implementation of Screen View is straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise.

+ Q3. Can employees know when they are being monitored?

Yes, employees are always notified when they are being monitored by the Screen View feature of ControTask.

Mandatory Notification System: The software is designed to automatically alert employees each time monitoring starts.

Transparent Monitoring Practices: This approach promotes ethical monitoring, ensuring employees are always aware when their screen is being viewed. It maintains a balance between effective monitoring and respecting employee privacy.

ControTask's commitment to transparency with mandatory notifications helps build trust and promotes a respectful working environment.

+ Q4. What kind of reports and analysis does Screen View Feature provide?

The Screen View feature by ControTask offers customizable reports, allowing employers to tailor the data and analysis to their specific needs. Key aspects include:

Customizable Reports: Employers have the flexibility to customize reports, focusing on particular metrics or specific time frames. This allows for targeted analysis that aligns with the unique requirements and objectives of the company. Whether it's tracking certain activities, monitoring productivity trends over time, or analyzing specific employee behaviors, the reports can be adjusted to provide the most relevant and useful insights.

These customizable reports are designed to aid employers in making informed decisions and effectively managing their teams.

+ Q5. Is Screen View suitable for companies of any size?

Yes, Screen View by ControTask is suitable for companies of any size due to its adaptability and cost-effectiveness:

Adaptability to Various Industries: Screen View is versatile enough to be used across a range of industries, fitting the unique operational needs and workflows of different companies, from tech to education, healthcare, and beyond.

Cost-Effectiveness: The pricing model is crafted to be budget-friendly for smaller businesses while also offering the advanced features and scalability required by larger organizations.

These features make Screen View a practical and efficient solution for employee monitoring in businesses of all sizes and sectors.