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Core Features

ControTask is constantly improving to keep you and your team at your best. Check out our core features!

Graphic outlining the core features of ControTask, a cloud-based management software
  • Cloud-Based Control

    Simplified Cloud-Hosted infrastructure means no administrative overhead to install or run ControTask.

  • Screen View

    ControTask shows employers screenshots of their employees' active and background screens, enabling employers to eliminate time wasting activities.

  • Real-Time Operation

    Check who is currently online and when each employee was last available.

  • Detailed Logs

    Generate detailed logs for reporting or audit purposes. Keep your IT and support staff focused on harder problems.

  • User Management

    Add new employees, modify existing accounts, and remove departing employees all in a simple user interface.

Employee Team Tracking View Employee Tracking System Computer InterfaceControTask Employee Monitoring Interface

Monitor Employee Activity Anywhere at Anytime

Shift the way you work with ControTask employee monitoring software. See what your team is working on and for how long. Identify time wasting apps and websites, and find employees who are over and under worked. ControTask gives you insights to keep your team happy and productive.

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Flexible Pricing Options

ControTask offers several tiers in order to provide the best product to your company at the right price

Stop Worrying & Start Monitoring

ControTask keeps Product Owners, Tech Leads, Team Leads, and Managers plugged into their team members' activities, keeping everyone productive. Embrace the remote and hybrid workforce without fearing a loss of productivity.

Why Teams Are Choosing ControTask

Teams are moving to ControTask's Employee Monitoring Platform to get unparalleled insights into their teams. See what they have to say!

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Awesome, User Friendly Software

ControTask has a dead-simple UI, is easy to install, and gives me all the information I could want about how my team works. ControTask gives us constant insights to identify top performers - an absolute must in a tough labor market. Our hybrid team executes effectively because of ControTask.

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